RTOs on Facebook & ASQA Requirements

RTOs on Facebook & ASQA Requirements

As you know we spends lots of time on Facebook and are always searching for RTO's who have great content so we can connect, share and help market your training business.

In our daily search we have found some outstanding Facebook Pages- Community Training Australia, Asset Training Australia (yes we are looking at you). And we see some well.... let's say if they run their business like their Facebook page.... you get the drift!- But that's OK cause we can help you. 

When we search for RTO's online we look for the RTO Code in the name of the business page.  Why?
Well because ASQA explains this in their Marketing and Advertising Standards for RTO's 

In Fact ASQA are very clear on this requirement- here is an excerpt:

Social media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram

  • Social media pages must include your RTO code.
  • Communication on social media, such as posts/tweets, must include your RTO code
  • Replies to comments made in response to these communications do not require your RTO code.
  • Where advertising on social media references a specific training product, you must include the code and title of that training product (as published on the National Register).

And here is the big one

  • Your RTO may use the name and registration code as the name of your social media page. This may be beneficial where advertising mechanisms have word limits.

Now the big advantage here is that everytime you post an update on Facebook your RTO Code is displayed. Professional yes we agree and it builds your credibility as a business. 

And the bonus is....

This will guarantee that every post which is liked or shared by others includes your RTO’s code and name. You should take advantage of every opportunity to let prospective students know you are an RTO.

RTO's using Photos on Facebook 

ASQA also recommends you use photos of your students and training environments on its Facebook page to ensure that an accurate image of the RTO is portrayed. Obviously you will have consent from students prior to publishing their images on Facebook. But lets face it most students love to tag themselves on Facebook photos and this stuff works if you want to grow your Facebook page. Students who share your Facebook posts with their Friends have your RTO Business (and RTO Code Number) on the top of potential students news feed. The potential student then clicks on your post, says this training looks awesome, sign me up. (well that's how it should work)

So how does an RTO request a change to their Business name on Facebook?

  1. Click About below your Page's cover photo.
  2. Click Page Info in the left column.
  3. Hover over the Name section and click Edit.
  4. Enter a new Page name (with your RTO Code) and click Continue.
  5. Review your request and click Request Change.

It does need to go back through Mark Zukerberg and his team and they will confirm with you.

Find out more about the ASQA Requirements for Facebook and Social Media here



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